Thursday , March 4 2021


The composite line is an interesting rendition to the iconic radiomir panerai replica watch collection. There are several points that make the Panerai PAM339 replica watch collectible. Firstly the dial markings which have historical provenance, the Marina Militare and 8 Giorni Brevettato logo and the unique case material and colour combination. The PAM339 replica watch is also the first composite released by Panerai.

First released in 2010, the panerai pam 339 radiomir composite marina militare 8 giorni replica watch is one highly controversial timepiece. Some love it for its revival style dial markings, citing it as a highly collectible Panerai. Others however, have voiced concerns over the case material, citing negative user experience regarding the quality of the case.The Panerai PAM 339 Composite replica watch is a special edition.

The composite material looked similar to ceramic case ‘black’ watches during that time, when the trend was leaning towards matte black cased watches. The Panerai PAM 339 Composite replica watch however, is not a traditional ceramic black watch. It has a light brown hue on the case, and also the dial, imagine a ‘rusty’ ceramic case. The composite case is made through an electrochemical process of ceramization of the base material aluminium. The end product is said to be harder than the ceramics normally used for cases in watch-making (zirconia), and also harder than metals like steel and titanium, as well as being lighter.

That said, several owners of the Panerai PAM 339 Composite replica watch, while not unanimous, have experienced problems regarding case discolouration from normal wear. While we do not know the full story, it is said that the ceramic layer on the aluminium sometimes wears off to reveal a distinctive metal colour beneath the brown-black coat.

Other woes initial owners of the watch faced was the perceived premium the watch could command. While initially the first and only composite Panerai, and hence potentially highly collectible, subsequent releases of other composite models drove down the demand for the Panerai PAM 339 Composite replica watch. Some owners who paid a hefty premium for the PAM339 may have mourned their decision.47 mm on the wrist. The Swiss Copy Panerai PAM 339 Composite replica watch is larger than the usual 45 mm Panerai Radiomirs, largely due to the need to house the larger 8 days movement.

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