Wednesday , January 17 2018

MeisterSinger Perigraph AM1003 Stainless Steel Replica Watch

Angus Davies reviews the MeisterSinger Perigraph AM1003 replica watch, a watch replica which eschews a conventional minute hand and dispenses with seconds display, adopting a more relaxed means of expressing the time.Whilst some aspects of today’s world place great importance on seconds and portions thereof, MeisterSinger offers a different viewpoint. …

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Swiss Made HYT H1 Iceberg Titanium Replica Watch

As cold as ice? Angus Davies reviews the HYT H1 Iceberg Titanium Replica watch. After 18-months of research, the Swiss watch replica brand based in Neuchâtel supplanted its iconic green fluid for a striking blue liquid, creating a limited edition timepiece paired with alluring white and grey dial details in …

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DuBois et fils DBF004-03 Stainless Steel Replica Watch

‘As chaste as ice, as pure as snow’ Angus Davies reviews the DuBois et fils DBF004-03, a DuBois et fils DBF004-03 watch replica equipped with an ivory-toned dial which evinces a clean, pure appearance.Indeed, Shakespeare’s words, ‘ chaste as ice, as pure as snow..’ seem befitting, accurately describing the agreeable …

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